About Paradise Africa

The company was formed to provide travel packages and accommodation options to people in the Diaspora looking to travel back home for Leisure purposes or just to visit family and friends and for business.

Our research has concluded that the Diaspora community plays an important and unique role in the travel industry as we have found that a lot of people travel back to their ancestral homelands for several reasons and because they have lived outside the country for many years most people do not have permanent homes to live in when they visit due to their homes being occupied by tenants or relatives. Paradise Africa therefore aims to source the best accommodation and or holiday packages for the duration of their stay.

  • What We Do

    Paradise Africa is an online travel company which offers exceptional expertise and advise for all your travel to Southern Africa. We offer intimate and highly personalized services tailor made to suit your needs and budget.

  • Our Promise

    We promise to provide excellent customer service and to source the best products that offer you reliability and satisfaction.

The company also extends its services to the locals living in the country who wish to explore the history and landscapes of their surroundings through traveling to different destinations within their country of origin. For both these targeted markets, it is a journey of self-discovery as the saying goes “how can you truly know who you are without knowing where you are from”.

Paradise Africa also wishes to extend its services to any client who wishes to travel to Africa and has little to no knowledge of Africa and those that have been to Africa and have already fallen in love with the beauty and nature of Africa.

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